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Turnaround times for sequencing projects can be unpredicatble. Genohub works with service providers to offer a "maximum turnaround time" guarantee. Order with confidence knowing when your project will be complete.

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Here are just a few of the NGS service providers that offer services through Genohub:


Next-Generation Sequencing Services

We work with both commercial and academic service providers who offer services using all available NGS platforms: Illumina (MiSeq, HiSeq), PacBio, Roche 454, SOLiD and Ion Torrent / Proton. Whether you’re looking for a long read length or high depth of coverage, Genohub’s diversity of available services makes it easy to find the instrument and provider that best suit your work. Our online project-matching algorithm takes input parameters such as required coverage or numbers of required reads and offers you sequencing packages with the following information:

  • Ouput per sample
  • Coverage per sample
  • Number of reads
  • Read type (single vs. paired-end)
  • Price
  • Turnaround time

Once you’ve identified a sequencing package that meets your needs, submit your project through Genohub and begin discussion with the provider. You have no obligation up until you ship samples to the provider.

Library Preparation Services

Library preparation for next-generation sequencing involves a coordinated series of enzymatic reactions to produce a random, representative collection of adapter modified DNA fragments within a specific range of fragment sizes. The success of next-generation sequencing is contingent on this proper processing of DNA or RNA sample. NGS service providers on Genohub offer several library construction services including the preparation of DNA, ChIP, Amplicon, ribonucleotide minus or polyA selected RNA, Small RNA, Methyl and Exome libraries. You’ll need to decide on whether to send unprocessed DNA or RNA samples or fully prepared libraries to the service provider. If the library preparation is specialized or goes to the heart of your experimental study, you should prepare the library yourself. If you don’t have experience constructing libraries or would like to ensure that the library made is fully compatible with the sequencing platform you’ve chosen, it may be best to rely on the expertise of the experienced service providers on Genohub. If you’re not sure, contact us and we’ll help you decide.

Bioinformatics Services

Once you have sequence data, several layers of analysis are required to convert your raw data into something that has functional biological or medical relevance. This may include:

  • Pre-analysis and processing
  • Annotation or mapping
  • Alignment of sequences, assembly and variant calling
  • Predictions, data integration and statistical analysis

Whether you are starting with a known gene of interest or using sequencing as a hypothesis generation tool, your requirements can directly be discussed and arranged with a service provider on Genohub. Simply submit a sequencing project and begin your communication. If you need help, feel free to take advantage of our complimentary NGS project consultation services. We can help you choose the services or provider you need for your work. If you prefer to do your own analysis, just submit your sequencing and/or library preparation project to the provider and ask for raw data in your preferred file format.